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Robin Friedman : author and journalist

Fresh Ink on Robin Friedman


About a boy: Novel explores eating disorder from a male perspective

As many as 10 million females in the United States are battling eating disorders, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. But it's the estimated 1 million males who face the same struggle that journalist and New Jerseyan Robin Friedman wanted to focus attention on in her recent book, "Nothing" (Flux, $9.95, paper).

— by Meg Nugent, THE STAR-LEDGER

Frelinghuysen author sheds light on eating disorders

Local author Robin Friedman tells the startling tale of Parker's painful and lonely journey while navigating life with a deadly eating disorder.

— by Jacqueline Lindsay/Staff Writer,

Turning “Nothing” into Something

The inspiration behind Robin’s latest novel writes glowingly about his reaction to her sensitive treatment of a boy's bulimia.


Novel Ideas – Robin Friedman: Author, Journalist and Jersey Girl

Robin’s a Cover Girl in this latest issue from Monmouth County's Luxury Magazine Network.


Robin's YouTube Debut

Eating ribs on a windy day can be a contact sport!

MUNCHMOBILE: Frankly Speaking, Max's Top Dog

Robin Friedman loved the “cheese-a-licious” roasted ravioli.  

—Peter Genovese, The Star-Ledger

MUNCHMOBILE: A Glorious Fourth

"The ribs were magnificent to the max,” raved Muncher Robin Friedman.

—Peter Genovese, The Star-Ledger

Novelists Take Aim at Growing Young Adult Market

"We're exciting to be publishing Robin's work," said Deb Shapiro, publicity director for Walker Books for Young Readers. "She is a wonderful writer. Also, she is young and vivacious, which is an asset in reaching kids. She is someone they can connect with."

Lorraine Ash of the DAILY RECORD portrays Robin and her YA novel The Girlfriend Project against the backdrop of the current YA book scene.

—Lorraine Ash, the DAILY RECORD

The February Dilemma?

How writing THE GIRLFRIEND PROJECT helped Robin embrace the unexpected — and appreciate the Garden State.

“Nice guys don’t always have to finish last… Watching Reed slowly morph from a completely awkward AP dork to a more confident and independent young man is amusing, with plenty of hilarious, embarrassing moments. It’s great to get a look inside Reed’s mind, and find out what high school guys are really thinking… Reed really dispels the myth that high school boys are only interested in the physical part of a relationship. He is a surprisingly sensitive and sweet guy, and maybe after reading this book, girls will give that shy guy at the back of the class a chance when he tries to talk to you. This book addresses the whole issue of high school dating very clearly, with a lot of humor, but also with a lot of truth. Robin Friedman has a great understanding of how confusing the teenage years can be, especially when you are trying to figure out just what ‘being yourself’ really means.”



“I've joined talented authors Brent Hartinger, Sara Zarr, Lisa Yee, and others by sharing my most embarrassing dating moment on Robin Friedman's site to help promote her upcoming novel, The Girlfriend Project. I can't believe that I shared the story with her nor can I believe I agreed to let her post it to all the world! So, it's only fair...what's YOUR most embarrassing dating moment? Do tell!”

—from Debbi Michiko Florence at One Writer’s Journey

Writer: New Jersey’s a ‘Hot’ Setting

Jacqueline Lindsay of THE WARREN REPORTER discovers why New Jersey is so inspirational in this interview profiling Robin's latest novel, THE GIRLFRIEND PROJECT.

Munchmobile On a Roll

Tag along with Robin and her fellow-Munchers as they roam the Garden State in search of perfect pork roll with Munch King Peter Genovese of THE STAR-LEDGER.

Children’s author tells Civil War through a girl’s eyes

THE STAR-LEDGER takes on Robin and THE SILENT WITNESS, as well as publishing boot camp, rejections, and bizarre twists of fate.


Author has fun with 13-year-old’s tale

Lorraine Ash of the DAILY RECORD (herself an author) reveals exactly why she loved HOW I SURVIVED MY SUMMER VACATION.