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Robin Friedman : author and journalist

Official Author Album


Robin Friedman publicity photo

My husband took this
Official Author Photo.


Joel. Or a cowboy. One or the other.

Here he is, my husband, Joel. He's not a real cowboy, but he likes to pretend he's one.


Robin Friedman publicity photo

Here I am in my home office. My cats are helping me write. They do that a lot.

Robin at a booksigning

Here I am at my very first book signing in which all my friends and family were roped into attending. And, this poor guy is John, our very good friend.


Robin Goes to the Prom

I was lucky to be assigned to cover the prom for a newspaper feature story, so, naturally, I had to go out, buy a gown, and dress the part.


Robin feeds goat

I’m feeding a goat at the New Jersey State Fair.


flower composite

Here are some of the plants that grow in my garden: columbine, daisies, and cherry blossoms.


Joel riding high on a Princeton tiger


Here’s Joel, pretending to be a cowboy again, on one of the school tigers at Princeton University.


Robin down the shore

Down the Shore
for a Jersey fish dinner.


Robin with the Elvises


Im with the Flying Elvises
at the New Jersey
Festival of Ballooning.


Robin at Teen Read Festival

I’m signing THE GIRLFRIEND PROJECT at the fabulous Princeton Teen Book Bash.


Robin's July 4th cake

This is the flag cake (chocolate, of course) that I bake every year for the Fourth of July (notice the tiara?).


Robin and cats

I’m relaxing on the sofa with Peaches and Peppercorn. This is as close to heaven as life gets.


Robin and Munchmobile

With STAR-LEDGER feature reporter Peter Genovese, aboard his famous Munch-Mobile, for another road trip revolving around food.


More Munchmobile

Joel was able to come along on this Munch-Mobile trip in his favorite aloha shirt.