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Robin Friedman : author and journalist

Book Launch Party, April '07

Carlos O'Connor Mexican Restaurant | Downtown Red Bank, New Jersey

  • I wore a gown – in the same color! – as my cover for THE GIRLFRIEND PROJECT.
  • The cover was also reproduced – in edible frosting – on this gorgeous cake.
  • And on these custom cookies!
  • Here’s my husband Joel inside the beautiful, creative chaos of Carlos O’Connor Mexican Restaurant.
  • These two wonderful people are ultra-talented author/illustrator Thomas F. Yezerski, and his equally talented fiancée, Eleni Beja, a children’s book editor at Scholastic.
  • Here is the terrific Peter Genovese, a feature reporter for THE STAR-LEDGER, and the infamous genius behind the newspaper’s delicious Munchmobile series every summer.
  • Partaking of great Mexican food.
  • I had to have a matching handbag too!
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